The fair trade shop in Pointe-Claire village, Dix-Milles Villages, closed its doors after 24-years in business on May 31st. The closure date was planned as Ten-Thousand Villages, the association under which the Dix-Milles Villages store operated, decided to cease operations in Canada this year.

The closure announcement to customers was planned to be made in March to allow customers an opportunity to shop at discounted prices, but more importantly to offer customers the opportunity for closure as many harbour strong emotional connections to the store having experienced shopping memories that will last a lifetime.

“The community was part of the store from the beginning. We wanted them to be part of the closing process but then COVID happened.” Dix-Mille Villages — former store manager, Magda Bishay told The Suburban.

Over 50 volunteers from an organization called ‘D’Ici d’ailleur’ worked at Dix-Milles Villages for whom the fair-trade cause is an important movement that they choose to contribute their time to.

The store was a West Island community landmark that will be missed by many, however the team from D’Ici d’ailleurs who ran the store plan to continue offering fair-trade centric pop-up sales in the West Island going forward. “We closed a store, but we will still be involved in the community and continue to bring fair trade to West Island.” Bishay said to The Suburban.

“We still exist without the shop.” Lauren Lallemand, D’Ici d’ailleurs, chair of board of directors told The Suburban.

“As we develop our future plans over the summer, we will announce our coming events on social media. Customers can expect an announcement shortly regarding our annual fair trade rug event planned for this fall.”

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