Senneville cautions residents over increased coyote sightings

Living in the West Island, it is not uncommon to share a backyard with a variety of wildlife such as squirrels, skunks and raccoons.

But for the little city of Senneville, residents have been spotting coyotes lately who are notably less cuddly than chipmunks.

“The presence of readily available food is a well-known cause of the phenomenon of coyotes habituation to human presence which can eventually develop familiar and even aggressive behaviours towards pets and even humans,” noted the city of Senneville in a recent community bulletin to its residents.

The reason for the missive to citizens was an increased sighting of coyotes on residential properties in the last while.

The bucolic city’s statement also added that, because of the increased sightings, “it is therefore important to never feed coyotes and to keep all sources of food, such as garbage or dog and cat food, inaccessible to wildlife. This is the best way to prevent conflicts with the wild animals that live among us.”

On the city’s website, there is a section on the best practices for dealing with the wild animal along with information like coyotes are mostly active after sundown and their principal source of food are small animals and rodents.

Recommendations include never approaching or feeding a coyote. Collecting fallen fruit or overripe vegetables from your yard as well as keeping garbage inaccessible are good deterrents. Keeping cats inside at night is also a safe precaution.

Anyone who sees a coyote on their property is encouraged to report the sighting at the Info-coyotes line by calling 438.872.2696. The city of Montreal has a webpage via

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Unfortunately This all started when the brown bins came into effect.

Once a week there is a party buffet with Skunks and Raccoons bigger than dogs and Coyotes having a feast in St Anne North with little Brown bins with no latch......

No wonder we see them more and hear them more often....

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