Pointe Claire Village

Pointe Claire residents and merchants will get the chance to have their say as the city holds public consultations on two possible design concepts to revamp the Pointe Claire Village. Major work is scheduled for next year. City planners have two possible ideas they’re hoping to present to citizens.

The infrastructure is over six decades old and is in need of renewal. The city put the call out to residents and merchants in a release that read “With the vision of promoting an ever more inclusive living environment, the city will propose a first concept of a two-way street with maximized parking, and a second concept of a complete one-way street with more spaces for vegetation and pedestrians.”

There will be three consultation sessions June 14th, 15th, and 16th, where the design proposals will be presented. Those in attendance will be able to ask questions and to voice their opinions on which of the two concepts they prefer. A fourth session, to be held online, will take place June 20th. The link will be provided by email upon registration.

Alternatively, you can register your preference on the citizen consultation platform Pointe Claire, It’s Who We Are from June 14th to 28th.

The city says they’ll spread the work out over a two year period, perhaps longer. The sewer and storm drainage system will be upgraded, as will the Lakeshore Road between Victoria and Golf.

It is unclear, at this point, just how the work will affect merchants and businesses in Pointe Claire Village. “The objective,” according to the city’s statement, “is to limit any consequences.”

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