Pointe-Claire residents shocked by stop sign removal notice in their neighbourhood

Many Pointe-Claire residents are confused about the city’s decision to remove a stop sign at a crossing in a heavily residential area, blocks away from two high schools, the Lakeshore General Hospital and only a few dozen metres away from the sector’s community mailbox.

The emergency lane entrance to the Lakeshore hospital on the corner of Stillview and Rothbury is situated approximately 900 metres from the stop sign on Rothbury that is set to be removed.

Families living in the area shared their concerns with The Suburban.

While out for a walk recently, Pointe-Claire resident Alex Mocella noticed a sign pinned to the stop sign that reads “STOP enleve” with the date scheduled for removal of the sign on June 8, 2020. “At first, I thought this was a removal of the word ‘STOP’ to be renamed ‘Arret’, however after inquiring about this with the city, I was informed that the sign was to be removed completely,” Mocella told The Suburban.

An 86-year-old resident, who lives in close proximity to the crossing where the stop sign is expected to be removed, is reported to have been seen regularly by neighbours in the area crossing the road to pick up her mail from the community mailbox. “This is concerning for the safety of residents living in proximity to the intersection.” Mocella explained.

Concerned resident and father of two young children, Tom Kuchiran mobilized members of his community to send letters to the city petitioning the decision. “The interest and safety of the children living in our neighbourhood is the number one concern,” Kuchiran said to The Suburban.

The issue that many neighbours had with the intersection prior to this event was that they felt an additional stop sign on the other side of the street should have existed, as the single stop sign only requires vehicles travelling west to stop leaving the north corner residential driveway entrances unprotected from incoming traffic.

The announcement of the removal of the stop signs currently in place, came as a shock to many local residents who contacted Pointe-Claire District 4 city councillor Tara Stainforth, whom they expect to raise the issue on their behalf at the next city council meeting set for June 2. “Whatever the reason for the decision to remove the sign, it seems trivial compared to the safety concerns we have for pedestrians and children,” Kuchiran told The Suburban.

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