SPVM officer Piero Matta courageously saves an elderly woman while off duty

Police officer Piero Matta was formally congratulated by the SPVM last Friday for a heroic act of bravery conducted while he was off duty.

At dinner time, on October 17, Matta’s 95-year old neighbour’s kitchen went up in flames near his residence in Lasalle. According to Matta, the senior woman’s home was already drenched in smoke upon his arrival.

Hearing the woman screaming for help, Matta rushed in to locate her. Barely able to see or breathe, Matta stopped for a short moment to catch his breath by sticking his head outside the window. Outside, his three sons, afraid for their father’s life, were pleading with him to get out, but Matta kept on.

A short moment after Matta managed to find his neighbour, an explosion erupted from the fire and Matta was injured by shards of plastic. Despite his injuries and trouble breathing, Matta picked up and carried the elderly woman to the window and his sons helped him to get her out safely.

Matta could barely make it out himself at that point and he lost consciousness. Fortunately both Matta and the woman that he saved from the flames both survived the incident and have both been discharged from the hospital.

In a press statement, the SPVM proudly recognized Matta’s actions. “The SPVM is very proud to recognize the show of courage by Agent Matta. While off duty — he risked his own life to save an elderly woman trapped in her burning home. Bravo Mr. Matta for this heroic intervention!”

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