Two teenage girls from John Rennie high school produced a racist video aimed against the black community which they sent to some of their classmates. The video ended up on twitter and received over 1500 views before being taken down. Several schoolmates said the videos were produced months or “even years” before.

In the video, the two Caucasian girls wearing blackface peel off masks and make reference to one of their classmates in a derogatory manner. The pair repeatedly used the “N” word while referring to black people as monkeys that should be locked up in cages.

Police are investigating after the video was reported to them by West Island Black Community Association chairperson Kemba Mitchell who was made aware of the video on Monday morning.

The mother of one of the recipients of the video, who will remain anonymous to protect the identity of her teenage son, spoke to The Suburban in an exclusive interview.

“I was shocked and disgusted by their actions. My role in this as a mother is to represent my son and show him how to face this without backing down, and how to face this the right way,”

“Some parents are afraid to teach their children to stand up for themselves in this situation, because they fear the repercussions that their children may face as blacks in our society standing up for themselves.”

“These girls should have to spend time doing community service in the black community, they should be properly educated and should have to produce an essay regarding systematic racism towards the black community,”

“They need to face the people that they hurt and insulted with a proper apology and they need to be completely re-educated.”

The administration at John Rennie High School issued a statement denouncing the video.“This morning, we were made aware of a video that had been posted by two students,” noted the statement on Facebook. “The video contained very inappropriate images and racist comments.

“It is clear that this video was produced and posted outside the scope of our school activities. Nonetheless, we wish to emphatically underscore that this video is completely in contradiction to the values shared by our students, staff and our school community,” the school noted.

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