LBPSB parents receive alarming mask recall memo

The Lester B. Pearson School Board sent out an email notice to parents Saturday morning following an advisory by Quebec’s Ministry of Education regarding a recall issued on a “specific type” of procedural mask.

According to the directive sent out by the provincial government on Friday the SNN200642 mask distributed by a Quebec company Metallifer is said to have “a potential for early lung toxicity,”

The directive was sent out, shortly after Health Canada warned earlier on Friday that the mask can be toxic to the lungs due to inhalation of nanoform graphene (the carbon coating on the masks).

According to Cindy Finn, LBPSB Director General, the school board immediately responded once they were informed of the advisory on Friday by beginning a rapid review of their mask inventory in order to verify whether they have received masks from the specific manufacturer, not named in the memo.

“We can confirm that we did receive some shipments that were distributed earlier in the year. We are now verifying whether any of these particular masks remain in our schools and centers.”

Jim Thomas, Research Director of The ETC Group a Canadian NGO that tracks the impact of emerging technologies, told The Suburban that, “In the current pandemic this is just one of several instances where risky emerging technologies are being enabled too rapidly into use under cover of urgency – and without proper evaluation, assessment and oversight. This is quite deeply concerning. ETC believes this is a matter of global importance since the manufacturers of this mask were claiming to make 3 million masks a day for international markets – not just Quebec.”

In December, 2020, another mask — the blue disposable MC9051 mask was recalled after 31.1 million were distributed to 15,000 daycares across the province.

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