Jet the Dorval mascot sculpted in snow in five Dorval locations

A snow sculpture project that began at the end of January was completed in Dorval. Five sculptures featuring "Jet", the official City of Dorval mascot, have been created throughout the Dorval territory, by artist Alex Girard as part of the Winter Festival.

Despite the current climate due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Dorval Winter Festival has taken on a new direction offering a residents a variety of original activities in accordance with the sanitary measures in force. "This year, we will celebrate the Winter Festival differently, of course, but with just as much fun, if not more!" The city of Dorval wrote on their webpage.

The Suburban took a tour of Dorval to view the original sculptures. The video of the sculptures as well as an exclusive interview with Mr. Girard is available for viewing on

"This year, I was asked by the city's cultural department to submit drawings of sculpture ideas for approval. They decided to move ahead with five of the submissions and have provided me with the blocks of snow on site to complete the projects." Girard told The Suburban.

The average time needed to sculpt each sculpture is approximately four hours. On Friday, the coldest day of the year in Montreal to date, Girard completed the fifth and final sculpture.

"The sculptures bring joy to children and bring out the inner child in each person. It makes me happy to see people's faces light up as they pass by while I am working on the sculptures. It is very different from working on a project in a workshop, all alone — this brings instant gratification all along the process of creation. I really enjoy it."

Several passersby stopped to ask questions and to watch Girard as he created the sculpture at Surrey Aquatic center on Friday. As he continued his project, he seemed very content to answer questions and return waves to people in cars as they drove by and saluted him for his work.

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