G.D’Aoust & Cie: One of Quebec’s Oldest Independent Stores

Located in the heart of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, is a family run business that was established in 1900 by Guisolphe D’Aoust. The department store is one of Quebec’s oldest independent department stores still running.

The space is a 20,000 sq. foot, three story store that over the decades has seen a variety of different trends dating back to the 1900’s. In 2016, a museum where customers can browse old articles that were used and sold in the store, such as a 300-pound cash register, sewing machines, shoes and old photos.

The store is more than 119 years old this year, and sells everything from clothing, furniture, cookware, jewelry and art work to decorative items.

Every article of clothing in the store is hand-picked by the team to follow the latest trends for all occasions, from designers like Frank Lyman, Saint James, Guess, Desigual, Point Zero, Mavi and many more.

Over 5000 sq. feet of the store is dedicated to idea’s for table decor with a variety of vases, gadgets, cooking utensils, wine glasses and so much more.

Phillipe D’Aoust, the third generation of D’Aousts is now the manager of the store. He describes the store as one that, “remains an innovative and visionary company, always on the lookout for the latest trends.” Indeed, it is a not-to-be-missed destination for design and fashion lovers.

The store is located at 73, Ste-Anne Street. For more information or hours of operations email them at info@gdaoust.com or call them at 514 457-5333.

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