Francis Scarpallegia launches 4th annual Youth Council

Question Period Ottawa, Ontario, on 04 October, 2018. 

Credit: Christian Diotte, House of Commons Photo Services

MNA Francis Scarpaleggia leads a youth council group each year since the introduction of the initiative by the federal government and intends to keep the dialogue going this year, by going virtual.

Launched in 2016, the Prime Minister’s Youth Council is a group of young Canadians who provide non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada on subjects that are important to Canadians. The Prime Minister’s Youth Council serves as a mechanism to support the dialogue between youth and their government.

Participating MP’s across the country lead the initiative in their areas on the ground. The initiative is not an obligation imposed by the federal government, rather it is highly encouraged.

Considering issues that directly affect youth is important to Scarpaleggia.

“Listening and learning about how government policies affect their lives is important. The ability to exchange on ideas is fundamental to democracy.” he said to The Suburban.

Scarpaleggia’s group, in previous years, would form a roundtable several times a year to discuss matters of importance to them, their friends and their families. The meetings would last up to four hours.

Determined to keep the dialogue alive, Scarpaleggia’s office reached out to local schools, businesses and community contacts with the aim to spread the message to young people that the council will prevail this year, only this time, in an online format.

“Throughout these exchanges, I gain an appreciation for the way youth view the world and they gain a deeper appreciation for the value of democracy.” Scarpaleggia told The Suburban.

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