Dorval’s 2020 budget reduces residential tax by two percent

The city of Dorval passed its budget recently for 2020 at $131,600,000.

The good news for taxpayers is that this year, the average residential tax will decrease by two percent or about $62 less per household.

“We have taken into account the submission of the new assessment roll for the years 2020 to 2022 which had the effect of increasing the average value of single family dwellings by almost 18.3%,” Mayor Edgar Rouleau told the assembled at the council meeting .

“For certain homeowners, the increase may be less or greater than this rate. The balanced 2020 budget also allows us to provide quality municipal services to continue the consolidation and the maintenance of our public infrastructure,” said the mayor.

Rouleau noted that climate change is making a difference in budgeting, especially concerning snow removal operations “which requires us to review our snow removal and de-icing operations for our streets and sidewalks.

“As such, we must mix stone with our abrasives and rent specialized equipment for de-icing operations. Furthermore, the increasingly frequent heavy rains that we have require greater vigilance regarding our emergency measures, as we must ensure that our pumping stations are functioning properly and that the design of our storm sewer pipes has the capacity to accommodate the additional water volume,” the mayor noted.

Other climate change effects include the continued fight against the Emerald Ash Borer “as well as the program for the replacement of wood-burning appliances, in accordance with the new environmental standards,” said Rouleau.

This year, the city will also focus on improving and renovating some of its structures including city hall as the north wall “is at risk of collapsing. One hundred years ago, construction methods were not as rigorous, resulting in a weakness at the foundation level and in the support of the floor and joists.”

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