Depanneur owner in Ile-Perrot convicted of sexual assault on children to receive sentencing in June

Korey Foomani, 48, was arrested by SQ officers on June 20, 2018 and was charged with forcible confinement and sexual contact towards children after he allegedly lured three young girls aged 5-11 between January 2015 and May 2018, bribing them with candy, into his back office behind the counter of his establishment with the intent to fondle them.

The court hearing took place on February 21, 2020, shortly before the courthouse of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield closed due to the onset of health emergency measures. Foomani was set to receive sentencing in March, which did not take place and he is now scheduled to receive sentencing this June.

Foomani admitted to handing out candy to children who visited his store, but denied any sexual contact with the children. His explanation to the court was that he did “not have the time to go into his back office as his store was very busy.” One of Foomani’s former store employees testified to the court that he did witness Foomani bringing one of the girls into his back office, supposedly to show her camera footage and his employee told the court that when Foomani emerged from the back office with the young girl, he told his employee to “watch out” because she was caught stealing candy.

After the girls accurately described Foomani’s back office to the court, he admitted that it was possible that they could have made their way into the back on their own. However, the back office would not have been accessible to anyone who did not know the code to the numeric keypad. Judge Bertrand St-Arnaud called Foomani’s explanations “curious and lame”.

Judge St-Arnaud acquitted Foomani of forcible confinement, but convicted him for sexually assaulting two young girls, as he dismissed the testimony of one of the three children due to inconsistencies in the child’s reports of the incidents that she claimed took place.

The two young girls whose testimonies were retained by the judge told the court that on several occasions, Foomani would bring them to his back office to seat them on his lap and would proceed to rub their bodies up against his body. Judge St-Arnaud determined that the testimony of one of the girls, the older of the two “screamed truth” as she mimicked the actions imposed on her by the accused while exhibiting visible emotional distress. The young girl told the court that on one occasion Foomani put his hand inside her leggings, not touching her genitals. In her own words, the younger of the two described her experience to the court that while the accused would seat her on his lap, “he made his penis go up”.

The magistrate asked one of the girls why she continued to visit the convenience store despite the attacks to which she replied “We always wanted to buy treats and I did not think that he would always do it again.” The court accepted the explanation as Foomani admitted to handing out sweets to children and cuddling the girls while denying any having committed any gestures with sexual overtones.

At a moment when Judge St-Arnaud read his judgement, affirming that he did not believe the accused’s version of events, Foomani reportedly passed out in the courtroom at which point his wife rushed to his side to reassure him. Following a pause, where Foomani was provided a drink of water, Judge St-Arnaud continued reading his 90-minute judgement while Foomani was permitted to remain seated.

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