Show to benefit West Island Women's Shelter hopefully the first of many

A tripartite group of community-minded guys are coming together in support of women’s safety.

Paul Henry Landscaping, along with Macallan’s Pub, and The Ramblers, a Rolling Stones tribute band, are putting on a concert on April 20 – Paul Henry’s Rockin’ Spring Fling – in support of the West Island Women’s Shelter.

The Paul Henry of Paul Henry Landscaping is DDO’s Paul Henry Danylewich, for whom women’s safety has always been important. Until around 2015 Danylewich ran an outfit called White Tiger Street Defense teaching self-defence techniques to women (in 2001 he put out a book called Fearless: The Complete Personal Safety Guide for Women). He had also spent some time as a security coordinator, and carried his natural concern for community safety into his current career.

Paul Henry Landscaping was born just over a decade ago partly to give his then-12-year-old son a job. They started with an old truck and a couple of lawnmowers, and now have five trucks with a staff of 10 landscapers who keep their eyes open while working to keep the community safe. “We’re like a mobile crime prevention unit,” says Danylewich.

The company won several accolades, including the silver medal in The Suburban’s Best of Montreal awards.

This first edition of Paul Henry’s Rockin’ Spring Fling will take place at Macallan’s Pub in Dorval. Owner Wayne Blunt, who just recently met Danylewich for the first time, says he’s very excited to be hosting the event, and to be a part of the community.

The show will also feature stand-up comedy by Ben Cardilli and Peter Asswad.

Danylewich says he’d like to see this grow into a regular event to benefit women’s shelters in other communities.

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