Beaconsfield reluctantly pays latest Agglomeration taxation share

“Millions of dollars are collected in excess every year from our citizens,” said Georges Bourelle.

The mayor of Beaconsfield was referring to the Agglomeration of Montreal’s taxation system that unfairly overcharges the demerged municipalities as “these are no longer taxes for services rendered, but invoices inflated by Montreal to the detriment of equity and justice.”

The city, once again will be paying its portion of taxation revenues from the city to the Agglomeration of Montreal under protest, something the city did last February.

At that city council meeting, the administration adopted a resolution to pay the tax share to the central city but under protest.

“The unfair and inequitable treatment of our residents must stop,” said the mayor at the time. “Montreal turns a deaf ear to our claims because it benefits financially from the present situation and has the sole decisive power despite the serious prejudice to our tax payers.”

Bourelle also felt that “it has been demonstrated by all possible means that the quotes-parts paid to the Montreal Agglomeration have become surtaxes rather than taxes for services rendered.”

The city of Beaconsfield “absorbs 18% of the expenses, but receives only 13% of the revenues and this year, Beaconsfield’s general Agglomeration share has increased by 11.3%, which is six times the inflation rate. This is all the more contradictory as the revenues from general Agglomeration shares have decreased by 2%! We can no longer tolerate such discrepancies.

Under the new structure imposed by the city of Montreal in 2020, Beaconsfield taxpayers are now eleven percent more to the Agglomeration, costing them two million more in taxes to the central city.

The mayor, who also sits as vice president on the agglo’s Standing Committee on Finance and Administration, wants the city to reorganize the tax revenue payment system before the August 31t deadline.

“There has been no development in the situation in six months despite Minister Laforest’s formal invitation by ministerial order,” said Bourelle in a recent statement.

“The City of Montreal is stalling by providing proposals which are, in fact, placebo solutions, an illusion of settlement. The reality is that the inequities remain. The Montreal administration refuses to change the situation because it is the only one who benefits from it and imposes the sums to be paid, without consultation or consideration”, Bourelle said. “We must establish lasting solutions which will have to be applied gradually over several years in order to avoid distortions penalizing taxpayers.”

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