From left to right) Musicians Seiji Gutierrez & Briana Tomkinson, Founder of the Hudson Witch Project and owner of Centre Decor Hudson Leanne-Marie Durocher, and Warlock Glen Robinson.

On Oct. 26, The Hudson Witch Project hosted its third annual March of the Hudson Witches with participants parading from the Hudson Fire Department to the Stephen F. Shaar Community Center.

Leanne-Marie Durocher, the organizer of the March of the Hudson Witches and owner of Centre Decor Hudson, said the idea was first created to help the Hudson Fire Department Christmas Basket Fund raise money to buy food for those in need at the community-level.

“I remember I was sitting with a bunch of girlfriends in my store Centre Decor Hudson,” she told The Suburban. “I told them it would be absolutely hilarious to see a gang of witches marching along the main road.”

Durocher’s mother, Joan Blackhurst, passed away about seven years ago. Blackhurst was the biggest source of inspiration for the Hudson Witch Project. As an homage, Durocher wanted to organize a march to help those in need of food and assistance in the town of Hudson.

Last year, the donations were mostly given from drivers on the road. This year, the donations were mostly given by people through the Centre Decor Hudson Facebook page and at the community center’s photo booth last Saturday. “Once we got to the community center, there was a photobooth set-up where there were many people who donated as well,” she said. “We raised a good chunk of change there.”

The town of Hudson also hosted a Halloween Party where it was a Scooby-Doo theme. They had haunted characters, scary castles, activities, and a detective activity to find Scooby-Doo snacks. There were also cupcake decorating, and a canine agility demonstration.

Durocher said her main message for the community is to keep supporting the cause by donating and helping people who are unable to get the food they need to support themselves. “They can continue to donate to The Hudson Fire Department Food Basket and support this cause,” she told The Suburban. “The need in each community is always overreaching and the biggest thing out of all of this is to donate. Every dollar counts.”

Hudson Fire Department’s fundraising efforts are linked to the outreach organization Le Pont-Bridging. Donations are being accepted until Nov. 10.

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