Sometimes a free lunch makes all the difference you need...

BFL Foundation President Justin Lorenzetti, BFL Foundation director Joelle Sholzberg and BFL Canada’s Founder and President Barry F. Lorenzetti share a moment at a recent BFL Foundation reception

Based upon what he already knows about health care in Montreal’s urban environment, insurance magnate Barry Lorenzetti, President and CEO of BFL Canada, did what he could to thank thousands of MUHC health care workers for the work they’re doing during the city’s COVID epidemic. His Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation recently bought 5,000 lunches for the frontline health care workers at the MUHC.

“This is a wonderful expression of support from a leader in our community,” wrote MUHC Foundation President Julie Quenneville.”Barry’s a gesture of solidarity for the people on the front lines of this health care crisis. It tells them that we stand with you, and that you’re not alone.”

While their free lunch consisted of a foot-long sandwich,(courtesy of the hospital’s Subway franchise), a drink and a complimentary bag of chips and a cookie, Lorenzetti’s foundation paid $25 000 for up to 5000 lunches that were recently served out to all of the hospital’s staff and employees in their well-lit cafeteria. As the MUHC is now a designated COVID -19 hospitalization centre, the hospital is now part of the provincial care network that accepts COVID patients transferred out of assorted medical care centres in and around the city as well as throughout the western parts of the province. As a result of the pandemic, wards are crowded, and everybody understands how and why a quick lunch means little more than a sandwich and a coffee before it’s time to go back to work.

Lorenzetti is one of Montreal’s leading philanthropists and his family foundation has taken on a special emphasis in funding mental health initiatives across the country. “Offering food is a simple way to show thanks to all of these dedicated professionals, because we want them to know that we’re grateful for all of their courage and sacrifice,” said Lorenzetti.

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