Vaccine rollout at CHSLDs

Some 170 residents at CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée vaccinated last week

Laval’s health agency is continuing the vaccination of seniors in long-term care centres.

The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) Laval vaccinated almost 170 people in two days last week at the CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée following receipt of doses from Moderna.

Vaccination began on December 22 with employees of CHSLDs, intermediate resources (RI) and certain seniors’ residences as well as nursing staff at Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital. Vaccination continues in others Laval CHSLDs.

The CISSS is reminding residents that vaccination rollout does not mean the end of health measures. “It will take several months to immunize a sufficiently large proportion of the population. We must therefore continue to protect ourselves by respecting social distancing measures, wearing a mask or face cover and washing our hands regularly” reads a statement. “We remind Laval residents that the region is in the ‘red zone’ and that it is important to limit contact and to respect the various instructions issued by public health.

The CISSS is also addressing concerns about vaccine safety. “It is important to stress that the safety of vaccines is very important. Vaccines against COVID-19 are subject to the same quality and safety standards as any other vaccine used in the country. Canada and Quebec have a very comprehensive system to ensure the safety of vaccines after they are marketed. Each unusual side effect report is reviewed by experts to quickly identify any safety concerns.”

The vaccination campaign requires a boost in labour and the CISSS de Laval is looking to fill several positions. People with different skills, including administrative and coordination staff can consult the website

For more information visit www.lavalensanté.com

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