Trottier says solution for both sides possible

Ile Gagnon vision would include five-star hotel, spa, apartments, restaurant and 70 percent of the lush and wildlife area undeveloped

If no consensus can be reached between the promoter and the public on a bold new project for Sainte-Rose, Official Opposition leader Michel Trottier says there is a solution to satisfy both parties.

Trottier wants the city to acquire about 70 percent of the surface area of Île Gagnon for protection and green space purposes. The notice of proposal would break the impasse with the promoter who has not yet won social acceptability required for the project, he says.

The bold development project for Sainte-Rose and Île Gagnon would add some 1,700 new living spaces to the area, an $800 million project by François Duplantie that would see not only new living spaces, but a mixture of hotel rooms, apartments and seniors’ residences, along with leisure facilities, event hall and much more.

The island project already proposes keeping 70 percent untouched.

Since the June virtual information session held by Duplantie, public grumbling over development projects in Sainte-Rose has been growing, and Trottier says there is another way. “The developer has submitted an ambitious project for which there is no consensus, especially for the Île Gagnon component. If he cannot develop the land as he sees fit, it seems to me that the best option for everyone would be for the city to buy it.”

The city hired a firm to conduct its own survey on the projects’ “social acceptability” which wraps up July 31, and those who live in the affected zones who have not yet received an access code for the survey can email and request one.

Located just across from Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, most of Île Gagnon has been unexploited and its acquisition would provide Laval residents with unparalleled access to the Rivière des Mille-Îles. “I think that this situation should be seen as an opportunity to show that Laval is proud to be an island and that it is committed to protecting its natural environments.”

The project proposal includes Place Saint-Rose at the southeast corner of Labelle and Sainte-Rose boulevards, right before the bridge to Rosemère, and on Île Gagnon the vision is one of a prestigious international village and includes, along with the original manor built by Céline Dion and René Angelil, a wellness centre, residences, five-star hotel, spa and more.

A presentation about the two projects is available at:

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