The city has a number of works featuring passionate and distinct artists on public display in public spaces, as part of its alternative summer programming, a perfect artistic discovery in safe open spaces.

Artistic islands featuring illustrations by Léa Mercante and Katy Lemay are on display until August 31 at Centre de la nature and Berge des Baigneurs in Vieux-Sainte-Rose, respectively.

A textile designer and visual artist, Mercante places colour and light at the heart of her work, with lines as the main element of her creations through geometry or graphics, both precise and organic. First explored in two dimensions for textile motifs, the lines evolve, transform and materialize in 3D projects, but all of Mercante's works are dynamic, playful and poetic. By interpreting the intangible in the visual world with an interactive contemplation the audience fashions their own visual experience by observing, moving, and interpreting what they see. The French native was trained in Paris, Barcelona and Montreal and a recipient of the Cirque du Soleil Award.

Illustrator Katy Lemay has always been inspired by photography, books, architecture and vintage imagery, fascination with people's history expressed through unique and personal works that combine old photos, fabrics and textures. To date, Lemay has illustrated many children's books and collaborations with various Canadian, American and European magazines and newspapers. In 2013, she founded Table Wear, a collection of objects created in small series. As passionate as she was in her early days, The Laval native continues to push her art further, winning numerous illustration awards for her experimental and intuitive works.

At Parc Bernard Landry in Laval des Rapides, the permanent outdoor photo art display Laval, d’une impression à l’autre… continues to draw the attention of runners, picnic-goers, and parc strollers, young and old. The irreverent visual narrated tour through Laval’s iconic spaces by Toxique Trottoir was commissioned by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, installed in concrete bases last summer, a collaborative effort of four several photographers, along with local designers and actors.

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