Ramps earn Fleurons nod

More than 23,000 seedlings and 16,000 shrubs totaling some 30 species were planted at four intersections

Laval was lauded recently for its greening of highway ramps.

The city won the Reconnaissance en verdissement (Recognition in greening) award from Fleurons du Québec on November 12 for the project to renaturalize four ramps in Laval, an honour in the category for cities of more than 5,000 inhabitants.

The 15th edition of the official unveiling of Fleurons du Quebec singled out the project, carried out last spring, which represents a major effort to reduce heat islands, which deteriorate air quality by promoting the formation of smog. “For the sake of adapting the territory to climate change, the recognition of this initiative can only give us reason to rejoice and encourage us to put in place other innovative solutions in the years to come,” said executive committee member Virginie Dufour.

Highway ramps were targeted based on the size of their right-of-way and ridership. Their greening aims to reduce the effects of urban heat islands (temperature, runoff), increase the tree canopy and contribute to the sequestration of atmospheric carbon by trees. In all, more than 23,000 seedlings and 16,000 shrubs totaling some 30 species were planted at the intersections of Boulevard des Laurentides and highway 440; Boulevard Industriel and highway 440; Boulevard Chomedey and highway 440; Boulevard Saint-Martin and highway 15.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the Transports Québec, the Montreal metropolitan community and the UQAM Centre for Forest Research, to measure the effect of trees on the attenuation of temperatures and to verify, in particular, which management and planting techniques are the most effective to promote the survival and growth of trees in these difficult conditions. The initiative was financed by Quebec’s Fonds vert as part of the Climat Municipalities program.

To find out more about the Fleurons du Québec and their 15th edition of horticultural classification, visit www.fleuronsduquebec.com

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