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Searching for Val-Martin housing and other projects now accessible via unique platform

The city has launched a single access platform for subsidized housing searches. Accès Logement Laval was launched by Laval’s Municipal Housing Office (OMH Laval), the Federation of Intermunicipal Housing Cooperatives of Metropolitan Montreal (FECHIMM) and the Federation of Housing non-profit organizations (FOH3L).

Accès Logement allows eligible persons to submit, from a single point of entry, an application for subsidized housing in low-rental housing (HLM), a housing cooperative or non-profit organization, and will no longer have to deal with some 50 different organizations. Instead, searches are done via a simple, centralized and confidential service. For the providers, Accès Logement will also enable various stakeholders to better orient their priorities according to local needs, part of the city’s 2020-2022 Action Plan Housing Policy.

As Laval’s vacancy rate remains low, rents are increasing, translating into greater demand for subsidized housing. The service makes it possible to better manage demand, particularly in a peculiar context where the OMH Laval waiting list is growing while housing cooperatives and non-profit organizations are having difficulty filling their vacant units.

“This is excellent news for Laval residents, because Accès Logement Laval is a major initiative in the area of social housing accessibility,” said FECHIMM secretary Marie-Lise Bergeron. “It’s also an opportunity for our members to promote the cooperative housing offer.” Raymond Lamarche, chairman of FOH3L, says everyone wins. “The autonomy of our members is preserved, their reality is respected, and above all, procedures are greatly facilitated for the most vulnerable citizens.”

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