New fire risk plan

Laval has a new fire risk coverage plan.

Orchestrated in four main components (prevention, intervention, training in occupational health and safety, self-protection and other risks), the 3rd generation coverage plan lists 54 actions required to improve and plan financial investments and human resources over the next 5 years.

Carried out every 5 years since 2000 as mandated by Quebec’s Fire Safety Act, the risk coverage plan constitutes a rigorous management tool for assessing the needs of the population and establishing the best-documented recommendations for improving the safety of residents.

“For the Fire Department and those responsible for emergency operations, the plan is a valuable planning tool” says SSIL director Patrick Taillefer. “It enables the analysis of the risks present on Laval territory and provides for prevention and intervention measures to reduce the probability of fires and the loss of life and material.”

The $46 million investment includes, among other things, hiring of 2 inspectors and 32 firefighters, relocation of station 1 (Pont-Viau) and reconstruction of station 7 (Auteuil). In addition, an aerial ladder (Auteuil) and a pumper truck (Chomedey) will be added. Finally, collaboration between the SSIL and the new Bureau de la résilience et de la sécurité civile will be increased to improve performance according to natural hazards and risks resulting from the presence or action of human beings.

The plan, which was the subject of a public consultation in May, reflects important findings over the years:

From 2009-2019 an increase in the number of calls was received partly due to a greater number of interventions involving natural hazards and risks (violent storm, high winds, floods), which are more frequent, as well as by a larger population and growing housing stock.

Over the past 11 years there has been a significant decrease in the percentage of building fires, largely explained by a greater presence of prevention agents and firefighters from the Prevention and Operations divisions during inspections and awareness-raising activities.

Since 2013, 80 buildings of 7 floors or more have been constructed, these buildings posing a greater risk to the safety of people during an evacuation.

The Institut de la statistique du Québec forecasts demographic growth in Laval of 18.6% between 2016 and 2036, of which 7.41% represent people over 65 years of age.

The risk coverage plan will be concretely implemented beginning December 24.

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