Municipal Elections: Sainte Rose

l-r: (top) Roberge, Novac, Dubé (bottom) Gervais, Riverin

Sainte-Rose (District 21) runs from Highway 15 east to the railway at the eastern end of the industrial zone, and from Renaissance north to the Mille-Îles River. In 2017 the seat was won by Mouvement lavallois’ Virginie Dufour with 3,431 of 6,753 ballots cast, with a turnout of 40.4%.

Daphnée Kaya Riverin is a proud Laval resident and young mother running with Ma Ville Maintenant, who developed a love for culture when she worked in the city’s libraries while she was a student. After completing her studies in Alberta, Riverin returned to settle in Sainte-Rose where she pursued her career in real estate. She is committed to protecting natural and heritage areas of Sainte-Rose and preserving the character and identity of the neighborhood. She wants to see the purchase of Île Gagnon and any other significant site to help consolidate and improve the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles wildlife reserve which she believes the city should already be doing without being asked to do so. She also wants to make up the deficit of recent years in terms of resurfacing and maintaining streets and sidewalks, provide rigorous and adequate snow clearing operations, and adequate collection of waste, organic and recyclable materials.

Long-time Laval resident and Laval Citoyens candidate Gilles Gervais has a solid track record in the areas of marketing, administration and management. An entrepreneur in network management and computer automation, he is well placed to understand the reality of businesspeople as well as that of large companies, having also worked at Quebecor and Xerox Canada. For Gervais, it is essential that the citizens of Sainte-Rose obtain municipal services that meet their expectations, and he intends to put his varied expertise at their service.

A trained criminologist, Action Laval’s Marie-Hélène Dubé has held several positions assisting different clienteles. Dubé worked for many years in prison as a correctional program advisor and officer, but also with youth, as a specialist educator in Laval schools and as a human relations officer at the Centre jeunesse de Laval. In addition to her professional commitments, Dubé is a lecturer in prison intervention techniques at Collège de Lanaudière and has also been involved for years as director of the Campagne nationale de lutte à la pauvreté. She also has extensive experience in the field of communications and public relations, whether as an advisor to elected officials, conference facilitator or spokesperson during promotional campaigns. Dubé is the mother of two children and chose to settle in Laval 27 years ago.

Parti Laval candidate and Laval native Jacques Roberge is a big golf enthusiast, who has built his career in the field of accounting management. A man of heart and numbers, he wants to stimulate commercial development and offer Laval residents a city known for its economic effervescence. His goal is to make Laval a pioneering city in all sectors of activity, ensuring that residents and their children are proud of their city, with the party’s progressive and sustainable vision of Laval’s development.

Movuement lavallois’ Flavia Alexandra Novac holds a master’s degree in organizational development from HEC Montréal and a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her master’s research project focused on comparing the professional careers of racialized and non-racialized women. Her strong communication skills, thoroughness and organizational skills allowed her to land an internship at Bombardier in the development of strategies focused on diversity and inclusion and she currently works as director of human resources in a consulting and marketing agency. Having grown up in Sainte-Rose, Novac is motivated and on the lookout for innovative ideas, wishing to exchange views with the residents of the neighborhood to discover their ideas and needs. Her objective is to ensure the inclusion and well-being of her fellow citizens.

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