Municipal elections: Renaud

L-R: (top) Adjete, Topouzian (bottom) Ghazal, Leclair, Tremblay

Renaud (District 7) runs from Saint Martin north to Highway 440 and from Curé Labelle to Papineau (Highway 19). Renaud was won by Mouvement lavallois’ Aram Elagoz in 2017, who picked up 2,197 of 5,351 ballots, the district with 15,151 electors seeing a 36.45% turnout.

Running with Mouvement lavallois, Seta Topouzian has been involved with a wide variety of community organizations and initiatives for decades along with many in the Armenian community of Laval, including the Croix de secours arménienne de Laval. Trained in architecture with a long expertise in customer relations, Topouzian will bring a human and citizen-oriented approach to municipal council with empathy and rigor. If the people of Renaud give her their trust, she assures them that she will continue her civic involvement, but at the level of the entire district. Throughout her life, she was committed to helping those who needed it most, including young and old.

Laval Citoyens’ Lac-Saint-Jean native Rachel Tremblay is very active on the territory of Île Jésus, thanks to her job as a real estate broker and is recognized by her community for her dynamism and commitment. She likes to do things with conviction and passion, these same qualities that she will use to serve the population of Renaud and convince them that her knowledge of the reality on the ground and her ideas will energize the sector.

Eda Adjete for Ma Ville Maintenant holds the prestigious brevet des collèges du Collège Stanislas, and pursued university studies in languages and literature. Fluent in French, English and Spanish, she graduated as a school educator and now teaches French and Spanish. Adjete wants to represent the population of her neighborhood and return to the essentials for basic services that have been neglected in recent years (maintenance and safety of streets and parks, waste collection, dog parks, lack of sports, recreational and cultural infrastructure, gaps in street maintenance and snow removal, as well as better access to affordable housing. Her other flagship commitment is to ask the future city council to plan a development of the Bois du Trait-Carré south of Saint-Martin, directly in Renaud.

An entrepreneur and computer scientist by training, Action Laval’s Grace Ghazal has several years of experience in management and customer service and is currently a real estate broker in the greater Montreal area and Laval. She says Renaud has been neglected. Ghazal served as president of Mouvement lavallois, left it for personal reasons in 2019 and returned to municipal politics with Action Laval under the auspices of the changes that will be made by Sophie Trottier and her team. “It is a coalition of Laval residents who are passionate about their city and determined to offer everyone an administration resolutely determined to address the issues experienced daily by all.”

It is with a lot of will, but also a lot of humility that Alain Leclair is running in Renaud with Parti Laval. This father, and 50-year Laval resident, aspires to “transpose his professional rigor and his skills in terms of customer service to the benefit of the Laval population.” A lover of motorcycles, nature and his city, he will do everything possible to ensure that Laval has infrastructure worthy of a great city of the 21st century.

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