Let seniors defer tax payments: Trottier

A tax deferral until sale or mortality can help seniors stay in their homes longer and enjoy what the city has to offer says Parti Laval.

Michel Trottier says seniors should be able to defer payment on half of their property taxes until the sale of their home.

“When you really want to stay at home, you take the necessary and innovative means” says the Parti Laval leader and mayoralty candidate, who wants homeowners aged 65 and over to defer 50% of the payment of their residential property tax bill.

Under the plan, a maximum tax amount of $30,000 may be carried over, limited to buildings with less than 6 units. “The deferral becomes interesting for people who have a little less income in retirement and for whom the budget is a little tighter” says Trottier. “It is about $1,500 on average that eligible people will have in their pockets each year, which is not negligible. This is a concrete measure that will allow them to enjoy life and do activities right now.”

He says that such a measure could help people stay in their homes longer “and benefit from a larger capital when they finally decide to sell their property, since we know that the prices of Laval homes are rising faster than inflation.” He says that freedom is often overlooked in municipal policies. “We will give them infrastructures, projects, tranquility, serenity, but also and above all the means to enjoy them.”

If a senior does not sell their property, the estate would have to pay the amount due in case of mortality, including interest, whose rate has to be determined, and would apply from the time of deferral until the sale or death. The Opposition has also called for allowing payment of all property tax accounts in installments by automatic bank withdrawal at an interest rate that is reasonable for the city and beneficial to taxpayers (not to exceed that of Revenu Quebec +1%.)

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