Laval is getting even more aggressive in legislating environmental measures, banning single-use plastic bags and cutlery, tightening controls on water usage, fireplaces and wood stoves with three new by-laws expected to pass at next council.

The legislation will make self-reading of Laval’s 28,000 residential water meters each year mandatory to meet Municipal Affairs Ministry requirements and collect data on citizens’ water consumption. The by-law includes adjustments related to drinking water, in particular the prohibition on cleaning driveways, various sprinkler systems, as well as suspending or restricting water use outdoors due to climatic conditions (heat waves, etc.). Adoption of the bylaw is expected to result in savings in drinking water and significant reduction in consumption peaks.

To reduce fine particle emissions, the city will require owners of fireplaces or wood stoves to declare their devices to the city. Installation of fireplaces that have fine particle emission rates of 2.5 g/h (grams per hour) will be prohibited, as will be the use of non-certified fireplaces which have a fine particle emission rate greater than 7.5 g/h, as of October 2025.

Finally, Laval will follow many other municipalities and ban plastic bags and other single-use plastic articles as of November. The rule will also prohibit restaurants and food stores from distributing or offering single-use cutlery.

The city will conduct a communication campaign to make merchants and residents aware of these changes, with a 12-month transition period after the adoption of these specific provisions of the by-law by the city council.

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