Hold tax payments until September

The city has postponed the two property tax payment deadlines until September 1.

It’s the second delay – the first (of 30 days) came just days before the first payment deadline in March.

Property owners now have until September 1 to make both payments without penalty or interest. Transfer (welcome tax) and supplementary property tax bills will not be sent until that date.

The announcement comes just five days after Laval’s Official Opposition asked the Demers administration to allow Laval residents to pay their second municipal tax bill payment, originally due no later than June 16, in a maximum of six equal installments without interest or penalty. Fabreville councillor Claude Larochelle said last week that “the city of Laval needs to pay its operating expenses year-round. Therefore, it is not a necessity to collect 100 percent of the annual property tax of $647 million by June 16.”

For 2020, the annual interest rate is 8.5 percent and the late penalty is 5 percent.

New measures have also been announced for businesses. Laval’s Economic Development service is offering a three-month moratorium on repayments of capital and interest from April 1 with the possibility of an additional three-month extension to all Laval businesses with outstanding loans under the Local Investment Fund (FLI) and Solidarity Fund (FLS). The measure must be approved by city council on April 7.

The current situation may also reawaken the debate over tax payments initiated by Parti Laval before the coronavirus crisis struck, which sought to implement a new system of collection by allowing pre-authorized automatic withdrawals as does Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Gatineau.

The city’s tax counter is closed and you can pay through your financial institution or by mail.

For information call 450-978-5700 or visit https://www.laval.ca/Pages/Fr/Citoyens/ou-et-quand-payer-mes-taxes.aspx

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