Gold for Laval ad campaign

Mets du respect dans ton bac received more than 2 million views and was cited internationally, the city employing Quebec rappers Alaclair Ensemble to get residents to show their blue bin a little love.

Another feather in the cap for Laval as it receives another Plume d’Excellence Award for its communication strategies, earning a Gold Plume and two other finalist spots.

The Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec (ACMQ) gave Laval the Gold for its

Mets du respect dans ton bac behavioral campaign, lauded for its global influence and its originality. The audacious campaign approached recycling from a new angle, employing popular Quebec rap group Alaclair Ensemble with a video clip filmed at the Tricentris sorting centre in Terrebonne that was shared more than 220,000 times and had more than 2 million views.

The video is the group’s most popular, and the song was considered one of the best of the year by Urbania Musique and ADISQ. Laval’s initiative was cited throughout Quebec — as well as in France, Belgium, England and Algeria.

The city was also recognized for its Laval, île d’exceptions campaign, showcasing its evolving nature as the third largest city in Québec, targeting a wide array of demographics.

Also lauded was the city’s editorial line on social media, which saw a decided shift to real dialogue with residents using humor and entertaining tone. The city says the strategy increase the number of subscribers the city communications services by 21%, and a large boosting the number of publication views. Since 2012 total of nine Plumes d’excellence.

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