Go play outside!

Kids and parents have earned spring break this year, which is typically a headache for some parents and especially challenging this year given the fewer options most of us enjoy.

If you’re struggling to answer the famous question “What are we going to do today,” one simple answer always works:

Go out and play! Laval is a vast family playground, particularly with all the fresh snow we’ve recently received. The options are many, with six beautifully maintained woodlots, six parks with workout stations for teens, 12 parks with secure sledding runs, 60 kilometres of cross-country ski trails, 70 skating rinks and 300 parks, shorelines and nature spots.

But if you’re not up for a round of ice fishing and you want to step indoors somewhere interesting, consider taking a trip to one of the city’s five museums which are chock-full of scientific and cultural activities for families, all done within public health guidelines. That means reservations and residents are invited to require at the sites that interest them.

At Musée Armand-Frappier the free Bouge exhibition will help you discover the benefits of physical activity, followed by a fun lab activity. The Suburban could not confirm before press time if the activity is offered in English, so residents should inquire, as Armand Frappier attractions are not always available in English. The museum will be open Monday to Saturday by reservation only.

At the Cosmodôme all spring break activities are virtual this year, but Laval’s Centre d’interprétation de l’eau welcomes families for games, interactive displays and short demonstrations in the Lab’eau. Telephone reservations are required and only 20 people are admitted at a time.

Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles has a great exhibit for families where you can learn the incredible but true story of the region’s biodiversity and history, and about the park that became a vacation favorite in the 1940s and 1950s boasting performances by jazz greats like Louis Armstrong and even Frank Sinatra.

On your way home you can pick up a few rented board games from local games pubs Randolph and Premier or grab supplies from Café deco céramique and create beautiful keepsakes at home.

Laval’s much-vaunted library network is also offering a plethora of activities. As reported in The Suburban last month however, not one of the five dozen youth activities planned this season are available in English, including for spring break. (Families looking for online English activities for their children should inquire with the city or choose another venue.)

Whether you’ve spent the day exploring shorelines, pounding trails on a snowmobile, snowshoeing, playing mini-snow putt or taking part in the snow fort challenge (www.facebook.com/defichateaudeneige), finish up your day with a vacation from cooking as well. Call up your favorite Laval eatery and pick up a delicious family meal to take home. (Let the kids set the table as you warm up noses and toes…)

So if outdoors is really your thing, then go for it. Grab the toques, maybe some hand warmers and go play outside! Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad winter clothing.

For a complete list spring break activities and suggestions visit www.tourismelaval.com/fr/activites-incontournables/coups-de-coeur-lavallois/42/quoi-faire-pendant-la-relache

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