First Laval relaunch report

Boyer: “We want to be ready when we get back to our cruising speed.”

A report on the best way forward for a post-pandemic Laval has been completed, the first step in the mandate of Stéphane Boyer, who was tasked by outgoing Mayor Marc Demers to oversee the city’s recovery.

The deputy mayor and executive committee vice-president said “When there is a crisis, public authorities have two duties: to preserve the present and to prepare for the future. We have already done a lot of effort to protect people from the pandemic and we are continuing to do so.”

Boyer met with more than 30 organizations, and produced a report with 26 recommendations, some of which can be implemented immediately and others on which work will begin for medium term achievement.

Broken down into seven sections the report looks at industries of the future, retail and food service, small and medium-sized enterprises, industrial and manufacturing sector, tourism, social economy, collaboration and consultation.

“Laval is one of the regions that is most resilient to the current economic crisis” said Boyer, who views the opportunity to build a greener and more dynamic economy: “Our old rotary telephone is broken, let’s take this opportunity to get a new one for the 21st century… We have to step up the pace to prepare a revival that will cover as much ground as possible. We want to be ready when we get back to our cruising speed.”

Measures already in place include for restaurant owners, the promotion of delivery services to new public locations announced for this summer, as well as the expansion of the offer of summer terraces. For the industrial sector, developing a range of shared spaces and services for start-up organizations has been identified to foster growth of these new businesses. The city also intends to produce a first policy on the social economy sector, using its leadership to unite the major orientations shared by its network of partners and to evaluate the possibility of creating e-commerce zoning.

“We must consider all the good ideas and I am counting on these meetings to choose the best ones, those that we can achieve as quickly as possible” said Boyer. “I feel that these meetings mobilize our community, and I am proud to be in the front row to channel this energy into concrete solutions.”

This report is the first in a series that will focus on the economy, culture, social development and the environment.

Read the first report at:

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