Eco-Nature's Jean Lauzon awarded LG medal

Lauzon (left) and Doyon, on the banks of the Mille-Îles River that Lauzon has worked so long to protect and develop.

Quebec Lieutenant Governor Michel Doyon presented the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Outstanding Merit to Jean Lauzon, co-founder and director of development of Éco-Nature, the organization responsible for the management of Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, last weekend.

The award ceremony at the Centre d’exploration du Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles saw Lauzon recognized for his involvement and dedication in the field of the environment, culture and recreational tourism, dedicating more than 35 years of his career to the protection and enhancement of the Laval region and the surrounding area, forging strong alliances and negotiating several agreements, which have allowed Éco-Nature to carry out many projects.

Benoit Charette, Ministre responsable de la région de Laval, Christopher Skeete, Député de Sainte-Rose, David Maréchal, président du conseil d’administration d’Éco-Nature et Christine Métayer, directrice générale de l’organisation.

Thanks to his work and perseverance, a park and a wildlife refuge were created on the Rivière des Mille Îles, the rehabilitation and protection of the river not only facilitating the reintegration of many plant and animal species, but also allowing inhabitants of river communities to enjoy all the benefits of this natural environment. He is also the designer of several projects such as the recreational and utility transport project, ERRE ecomobility, the first phase of which was launched this summer.

“Mr. Jean Lauzon is an example of commitment to his community,” said Doyon. “Throughout his life, he has shown remarkable leadership within the greater Laval community. His innovative spirit and dynamism have certainly had a positive influence on his fellow citizens. He has demonstrated an extraordinary social commitment for many organizations and has been able to ensure their development thanks to his vision of the future, simple and fair. His commitment to the protection and enhancement of the Mille Îles river is admirable.”

“I receive this distinction with humility and gratitude said Lauzon, on the eve of his retirement. ÈI would like to share this medal for exceptional merit with all those who have contributed in any way to the mission of Eco-Nature over the past 35 years.”

Executive Director of Éco-Nature Christine Métayer said Lauzon deserves to be recognized “for his many years of extraordinary work, especially on the eve of his well-deserved retirement. He has never stopped looking for ways to protect the environment and convince citizens to support him in his cause.” Lauzon is the recipient of several honorary awards, including special mention in the Individual category at the 2021 Heritage Action Awards, the National Assembly medal in 2018 and the title of “« Gardien de l’eau » in 2017 by the Conseil des bassins versants des Mille-Îles, because of his involvement in the community and his dedication to the cause of water.

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