Demers to lighten duties

Laval Mayor Marc Demers announced last week that he will be reducing his official duties to spend more time with his wife who is undergoing medical treatment.

“My wife will have to undergo major surgery shortly. In such circumstances, I am sure you will understand that I have reduced my schedule in order to take care of the woman with whom I have shared my life for almost 50 years” Demers wrote in his New Year’s greeting on Facebook last week.

Demers said he will maintain his “essential responsibilities” but did not elaborate. Deputy Mayor and executive committee vice-president Stephane Boyer will assume some of Demers’ functions said the mayor. “I know you will be in excellent hands with Stéphane and our experienced team who have been running the City for seven years now.”

Demers’ office would not give out any more specifics about the roles that would be delegated. “It will be decided as we go” communications director Alexandre Banville told The Suburban.

Demers was treated for prostate cancer in 2018. Demers is not sick said Banville. “He is fine. His wife is ill, and he is very affected by it and wants to spend more time with her.”

Banville said that nothing changes in terms of Boyer’s executive committee position and that the changes should only last a few weeks. “The mayor will remain present in the office, and we’ll evaluate files and roles as we go. To be clear, we’re not talking about him leaving.”

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