"Major" reductions in emissions targeted

Road transport makes up 70% of emissions

While communities around Greater Montreal debate bike paths and plastic straw bans, Quebec’s third largest city has been putting its cash where its carbon footprint is, offering subsidies for purchases of electric vehicles and bicycles, furnace replacement, and is Quebec’s only city to have a GHG offset program levying fees on developers to fund various initiatives from rain barrels to eco-friendly toilets.

Now Laval is committing its energies, finances and resources to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions significantly. “By 2035, Laval is committed to reducing its emissions by 33%, and this is major” said Mayor Marc Demers. “Our target even exceeds that proposed by the Paris Agreement.”

The city has been monitoring its greenhouse gas emissions since 2016 to obtain a more precise analysis of potential reduction. “Political courage is not just about announcing an ambitious target ... it’s also about making sure you hit it” says Sainte-Rose city councillor Virginie Dufour, responsible for environmental issues. “In Laval, we carried out an analysis by priority sector which will result in the implementation of three five-year plans.”

The Laval target was set considering the significant demographic increase expected in Laval over the coming years, and the road transport sector — which represents 70% of local GHG emissions.

The city has also elaborated a strategy for acquiring natural environments and protection of wetlands of interest, and will ensure LEED certification for all new municipal buildings, electrification of all buses by 2040, and construction of the $200 million-plus bio-methanizaton plant.

Under the Paris Agreement, Canada committed to reducing its GHG emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.

To consult the GHG inventory visit www.laval.ca/Pages/Fr/publications.aspx#inventaireges

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