Boyer releases relaunch report on environment

In a summer that to date has been all about giving out good news peppered with some not so flattering this month, the Demers administration is set to release its prescription for getting Laval running again post-pandemic.

Deputy mayor and mayoralty candidate Stéphane Boyer tabled the last progress report of the three month consultation for La Relance de Laval, this one on the subject of environmental protection.

The final consolidated report will be published towards the end of the summer, covering all aspects of the consultation on the economy, culture, economy, culture, social development and the environment.

The main recommendations stemming form the tour conducted by Boyer, who met with 118 community groups and organizations in various sectors, are already being analyzed by the various city services.

The progress report on the environment, co-signed by outgoing Sainte-Rose councillor Virginie Dufour who is responsible for the environmental protection file, contains 11 recommendations on various subjects, including: transportation, urban planning, enhancement and management of natural environments and the city’s environmental impact.

Among the recommendations are continuation of efforts for greener land use planning, promotion of ecotourism by preserving natural environments and working to integrate “ecofiscality” into municipal practices. “Protecting the environment is the issue of our century. We don’t have the luxury of wasting a single good idea and we always have to stay in listening mode” said Dufour ina a statement.

The first salvo from the relaunch tour recommendations is a $96,000 grant for Tourisme Laval which was made this week. The monies come from the city’s $1.8 million reserve set up for the recovery “to give new impetus to one of the engines of the Laval economy, which provides significant benefits for our businesses, ” Boyer stated. The public cash will help “increase the reach of actions and the reputation of the destination through a promotional campaign orchestrated by Tourisme Laval” reads the statement, to “increase the visibility granted to tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, agri-tourism products, museums, festivals and parks.”

Ask about the city’s announcement last month that it was giving Tourisme Laval $1.247 million over three years, Demers’ spokesman Alexandre Banville said the $98,000 given this week is not part of that, but rather a one-time financing specifically earmarked for post-pandemic actions. The $1.247 million over three years is part of the city’s usual financing of Tourisme Laval operations.

It’s a lot of good news given the controversies emerging from this month’s council that the city’s top bureaucrat will earn about $330,000 this year and that city managers now have access to five weeks of paid vacation after only one year of service, along with a new bank of personal days.

There was also news that the city’s long vaunted and much hyped bio-gas plant project, a massive $200 million eco-infrastructure project, has yet to receive a single bid, which for many resembles the city’s beleaguered central aquatic complex project that nearly doubled in price from its original plan and was stalled for a few years with nothing built but foundations, until the federal and provincial governments stepped in last month with a $20 million grant for the stillborn and much-criticized pool project at a heavily hyped and heavily attended media event that excluded the leader of the official opposition. The bio-gas project is not mentioned in the environmental recovery report.

Read the progress report (in French only) at

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