Bossy arena work complete

Deputy mayor and mayoralty candidate Stéphane Boyer unveils commemorative plaque with Mike Bossy at 35-year-old Auteuil arena

The $8 million upgrade of Mike Bossy arena is complete.

Three years of work on the equipment for the surface, in the entrance hall as well as in the various rooms was necessary to offer ice sports enthusiasts a modern, safe, expanded and universally accessible facility, which has not had any major renovations since 1986.

Modernization of the refrigeration, heating and ventilation systems was necessary to comply with the Montreal Protocol, which aims to reduce and eliminate ozone-depleting substances, in addition to making them more efficient and safer for users. The 35-year-old facility was previously one of five municipal arenas requiring such upgrades. The roof, all interior finishes and hygiene facilities were also repaired to update the building.

The Auteuil arena also meets the criteria of the city’s Universal Accessibility Policy, adopted at the last council. The entrance hall and several rooms have been modernized to allow better circulation of users, and the ice rink has undergone changes to promote the practice of para-hockey in an inclusive environment and has been enlarged.

Spectators will be able to watch the activities in a more comfortable temperature zone thanks to a new glass partition and will also enjoy heated floors and benches in the stands and lobby. Paving and edging work on the exterior will be completed this fall and a public artwork depicting body diversity across three sports will be installed on the front of the building.

A biographical plaque was unveiled last month week on August 30 to Mike Bossy in the company of deputy mayor and mayoralty candidate Stéphane Boyer, who is councillor for Duvernay–Pont-Viau district.

For more information on the activities offered at the arena, visit under the Arenas tab.

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