Animal bylaw update

New provisions for owners of potentially dangerous dogs

Laval has updated its animal regulations, with the modified bylaw imposing additional conditions on dog owners.

Dogs must now be kept on a 1.85 metre leash in a shared multi-unit yard, and there are now more provisions for potentially dangerous dogs – who have bitten, tried to bite, attacked or tried to attack a person or a domestic animal, or has behaved in a manner that could harm a person or pet.

Under bylaw L-12430 conditions must be met for life, and the city has granted added power to seize the animal by a competent authority if conditions are not met more than once.

In public spaces, a dog declared potentially dangerous must wear a frontal harness and basket muzzle at all times, and owners are now required to permanently post a city-supplied sign in their yard declaring the presence of a potentially dangerous dog.

While a dog declared dangerous by city-appointed experts can be seized and put to death, dogs that are declared potentially dangerous must submit to examination by city experts, and owners must follow a subsequent report of conditions for the animal, which can include behavioural therapy, periodic behavioural examinations, banning from dog parks, and keeping two meters away from children under 16.

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