WI Health Board Employees Prepping Bob Birnie Arena for Vaccinations

“In these exceptional times, we all have to take steps to protect everyone’s health and safety,” said John Belvedere. “We’re proud of this collaboration with the CIUSSS that will benefit the entire Pointe Claire and West Island community, and help ensure that this health crisis is soon behind us and that we can return to our normal lives as soon as possible.”

The mayor of Pointe Claire was announcing that the city’s Bob Birnie Arena will be one of the three COVID 19 vaccination for West Island residents.

“Under these circumstances of the pandemic that we are all experiencing, it’s important that we stick together and help one another,” said Belvedere.

The mayor noted that this past December, the city approached the West Island Helath Board (CIUSSS) “to offer our arena as a regional vaccination centre for our entire population and that of neighbouring cities. We have successfully prepared and made our facilities available.  Through our collaboration with the CIUSSS team, we will be able to offer the best possible location for a local and regional clinic.”

Reservations will be available online or by phone once the vaccination process is open to the public. The board’s priority for vaccines will be adults 80 and over, then adults aged between 70 and 79 and then 60 to 69. After that, adults under the age of 60 with chronic health issues and workers in essential services. Then it is the rest of the adult West Island population.

Until the vaccination process begins, and then ultimately ends, the city noted that the arena is now for health board employees only and that the” vaccination area will be set up on the main rink, in addition to vaccination rooms at the entrance to the arena for seniors and people with reduced mobility.”

Students who need the arena for their sports education programs will be able to use the other rink as a “dedicated entrance for skaters and players has been set up on the west side of the building, and can be accessed from the path between the arena and the aquatic centre leading to Civic-Center Avenue. The arena’s customer service facilities have also been relocated to the Aquatic Centre.”

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