Veterans’ Rights Advocate passes away

He was a father, grandfather, World War II veteran, social worker, hotel manager but mostly, Lieutenant Wolf William Solkin was an advocate for seniors and veterans’ rights.

Solkin passed away peacefully last Wednesday, February 3rd, one week away from celebrating his 98th birthday.

For the last years of his life, Solkin lived at the Sainte Anne’s Hospital where he dutifully served as the hospital’s Veterans’ Committee President.

When Solkin’s passing was announced on social media, hundreds of well wishers sent he and his family messages of condolences, lauding him for his service to others and thanking him for his service.

Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue Mayor Paola Hawa wrote that Solkin was a “was a great and noble man. It was a privilege to know him. Sincerest condolences to the family. He will be very much missed and forever remembered. “

“I would like to offer our most sincere condolences to Mr. Solkin’s extended family, his sisters- and brothers-in-arms, and his many friends. This hero leaves an incredible legacy to the entire community, and more specifically, to Ste. Anne’s Hospital,” said Ms. Lynne McVey, President and CEO of the West Island Health Board (CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal.)

“Mr. Solkin was a staunch defender of the rights of the sisters- and brothers-in-arms with whom he shared this facility. He wanted to ensure that these brave men and women, who had once fought for freedom, democracy, and peace, values held dear by our country, receive all the care and services they needed, not to mention our deepest gratitude.”

Solkin is survived by his wife Louise and his two sons Andrew and David, including their wives Rita and Gilly as well as his many grandchildren.

The Suburban salutes this great man and offers our condolences to his family, friends and all of those that he helped during his lifetime.

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