REM Work concentrates on Deux-Montagnes Line

This is a graphic of what the Pierrefonds-Roxboro REM station will look like once it is completed by 2022. Work begins on the foundation this spring.

The REM light rail project is gearing up work on connecting the Deux-Montagnes and Pierrefonds-Roxboro stations.

The work will begin by doubling the size of the tracks between the two proposed stations as, currently, “ the railway is single-track, meaning the trains on the former Deux-Montagnes line shared the same track, regardless of the direction they were heading,” noted the REM.

“While keeping the same footprint, the tracks will be doubled for the REM due to its high frequency throughout this segment.”

As commuters along highway 40 have noticed, the tracks near St. Charles are being built and are elevated, eliminating any level crossings.

“At 14 locations along the REM’s route between Deux-Montagnes and Saint-Laurent, level crossings will be replaced by 11 rail or road overpasses and a 1.5-km elevated structure, which will prevent the REM from crossing paths with and interrupting road, pedestrian or bicycle traffic, allowing it to operate at a high frequency in complete safety,” noted the REM.

The work is slated to start this spring. Another project that is coming this spring will be the contraction of the new stations’ foundations so that they can be fully constructed for 2022.

“One of the major changes in the transformation of the Deux-Montagnes line is the construction of new enclosed stations,” the light rail project communications department noted.

“Users will now wait for the REM indoors, protected from the elements, on a platform separated from the tracks by an automated screen door system.”

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