Pricetag and Timeframe for New Ile Aux Tourtes Bridge still unknown

The CAQ government announced in December 2018 that the Ile Aux Torts bridge would be replaced.

Built more than five decades ago, the bridge, in non-pandemic times, had an average of 80,000 cars and 9,000 trucks every single day.

The decision to build a new bridge was that at a cost of 100 million dollars, it would be more cost effective than the estimated almost half billion expected maintenance costs over the next decade.

CAQ junior transportation Minister Chantal Rouleau had made the announcement noting that like the Champlain Bridge, the new structure will be constructed parallel to the existing one.

At the time of the CAQ announcement, Jacques-Cartier MNA Gregory Kelley along with colleague Vaudreuil MNA Marie-Claude Nichols released a joint statement that “denounced the decision of the Legault government to cast aside the interests and concerns of their fellow citizens by choosing not to provide for the extension of the Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM) line to Vaudreuil-Dorion.”

But the junior minister didn’t completely rule out the possibility of a reserved lane for the new light rail project and said “considering the actual needs, the bridge will be made first for buses and if the needs are more important, the bridge will be conceived to receive another technology.”

The Suburban reached out to MTQ spokesperson Sarah Bensadoun to get an update on the impending new construction project.

Bensadoun said that the project is currently in the “planning stages in the category of projects $100 million and more. As a result, it is subject to the Directive on the management of major public infrastructure projects.”

The next step in the process for the new bridge construction is to “file the project dossier for submission to the Council of Ministers. Once this step is completed, the costs and deadlines will be known.”

The MTQ had recently set up a public online consultation for the site’s architecture.

“The results are being analyzed by experts from the Ministry with the aim of guiding the development of preliminary proposals,” said Bensadoun.

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