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In Premier Legault’s daily update he reported that deaths went up by two for a total of eight.There are 106 hospitalized with 43 in intensive care. The number of people who have tested positive for Corona now stands at 1629, a slight daily decrease in new cases, and this number includes 43 front line health workers. He also underlined that 31,800 have tested negative and that Quebec is testing more than any other region on a percentage basis and that is the reason Quebec has been able to handle this crisis relatively better than others.

The Premier had a special message on food banks. He pointed out that there are 30 regional food banks. Money is “flowing” in exceptional measures to them.”There is no question that anyone should be left without food. And no one should be embarrassed to go to a food bank.” The Premier made a call for food bank volunteers. He asks that people under 70, without symptoms and in good health could could offer some time because the demand at the food banks is shooting up.

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