Pierrefonds-Roxboro suggests shoppers “buy local” wherever possible

“We continue to encourage you to buy local to help our local businesses to survive and to ensure the economic vitality of our borough,” said Dimitrios Jim Beis.

The mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro was referring to the recent announcement that beginning on Monday “businesses that have street entrances will be able to reopen in Montreal” and encourages shoppers to, wherever possible, shop locally while continuing to “respect the sanitary security measures that will be put in place in these businesses.”

Another positive aspect for the borough is that the spring flooding scenario is now downgraded to recovery mode “as the rain and melting snow on the lakes in the Far North of the province no longer have a significant effect on our region.

“A dismantling plan is currently being developed by our administration so that this process can be carried out as efficiently and safely as possible, given the limitations linked to the current pandemic,” Beis said in a social media post also noting that “in the upcoming weeks, you will therefore see our teams begin to dismantle the protective measures installed in recent months. The pumps in the streets are gradually being removed as well.”

With the REM project back up and running, there is now a reserved bus lane on Gouin that runs weekdays from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m. in between Pitfield and Sunnybrooke boulevards.

The borough’s ecological garnering day, originally slated for next Saturday, May 29th, has been cancelled but Beis said that “we have decided to make donate a wide variety of plants to food banks and local organizations to help the most vulnerable in our community during these difficult times.”

The borough is also taking part in the Tree for My Neighbourhood program where residents can purchase new trees at reduced prices have until June 1 to order from a variety of tree species via https://www.unarbrepourmonquartier.org/tous-les-arbres.

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