Pierrefonds- Roxboro rejects proposal for zoning change

At Monday night’s Pierrefonds-Roxboro council meeting, council rejected the idea of a zoning change for the green space on Anselme-Lavigne and Richmond near George Springate Park.

The issue was to approve a zoning change for the lot in order for the eight floor story structure to be built.

“We have decided to stop the project at the preliminary stage,” Mayor Dimitrios Jim Beis said following the vote.

Beis noted that council decided to “reject the zoning change proposal and respecting the process while in they extremely preliminary stage. We have tried to purchase from city on occasion and will follow that path to ensure the property is protected.”

And while the notion of a seniors’ residence in the borough is not off the table as “we will work with promoter and others for another site that concurs with our environmental and ethical practices.”

Beis said that the reason to reject the request was “looking at the proposal for this site, the environmental impact and biology report as well as comments from our residents.”

During Question Period prior to the vote, residents expressed concern about the effects losing the expansive green space would have for adjacent homeowners.

Beis noted that the original spot for the seniors’ residence was to be at the old shopping centre at the corner of Pierrefonds Boulevard and St. John’s but those plans had to be nixed “after the government of Quebec declared that area as being in the flood zone.”

The mayor took a shot at Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante and Projet Montreal for “politicizing this file. We have tried for many years to negotiate with the city to buy the land. We were never consulted and instead, Plante took to social media to judge our governance in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. We are shocked that the city administration cannot pick up the phone to speak to any elected body to discuss this file in a collaborative way.”

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