Scarpaleggia clarifies returning travellers getting $1,000 to quarantine

When news came out that Canadians returning from vacation destinations during the Christmas holiday break, where travel was severely discouraged, were being offered a thousand dollars to stay home and quarantine, responses were swift and shocked.

Residents who had adhered to the shutdown protocols were less than impressed to find out that those coming back from southern climes were getting a financial benefit while those who stayed home, unlike those who diligently adhered to the lock down rules.

Lac St. Louis MP Francis Scarpaleggia wasted no time in clarifying the federal policy, going to social media to explain the situation using Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s press conference on the contentious issue. “Let me also be very clear about the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit – it is not intended for travellers who are quarantining after a holiday,” Trudeau said.

“This program was created to give people a sick leave if they needed it and otherwise wouldn’t have one from their employer,” the prime minister noted. “It is not there to pay for someone’s post-vacation quarantine.”As an example, the prime minister said that “a grocery store employee who has to self isolate because he has been in contact with a colleague who tested positive or if he should show symptoms. This employee does not have to choose between experiencing a loss of income or isolating himself to protect others.”

Basically, unless someone traveled for work, they are ineligible for the thousand dollar grant since “the goal has never been to send a check to those who decide to go on travel, against public health advisories. “Non-essential travelers will not be eligible for the Canada Sickness Benefit.”

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