Loonie Line takes on special meaning in quarantine

What the John Abbott College Loonie Line fundraiser usually looks like during a non quarantine time. This year’s virtual edition is seeking to help more students in need.

Every year, John Abbott College students help each other out in a unique fund-raising activity known as the Loonie Line.

A large two-sided piece of tape runs through the main corridors of the college and students place one or two dollar coins that benefit their fellow stiffens as part of the John Abbott College Foundation.

It started in 2003 and to date, has raised nearly $190,000 to help students have the means to eat and go to school. With the coronavirus having closed schools in the province, the 2020 Special Edition Loonie Line is taking on a special significance. This year’s fundraiser “has taken on a more intense level of importance as students and parents alike have lost their jobs or seen their household income slashed. Donations to date have been incredible,” said Debbie Cribb, spokesperson for JAC.

During a normal semester, about $20,000 is raised yearly by the Loonie Line but this year, “we are at $36,239, which includes a very generous donation from SUJAC (Student Union of John Abbott College), but requests for help from the JAC Foundation Student Assistance Fund have double in the last 8 weeks.”

This is why the college is reaching out to the community for anyone who can spare a bit to help students in need.

One graduating student at JAC told Cribb that the funds from the foundation “has allowed me to stay in school and will allow me to graduate. It may not seem like much but to me and my family it is priceless. The help I get allows me to have less worries and be able to concentrate on my studies to be successful.”

To contribute to the John Abbott College Loonie Line, go online via www.johnabbott.qc.ca/foundation/special-loonie-line

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