Zuberi went to US during COVID lockdown

Pierrefonds-Dollard MP Sameer Zuberi does not often make the news. The last time he was noted in The Suburban was last fall when an announcement was made on behalf of the federal government’s Emergency Fund to provide financial aid for three area food banks.

His latest foray into national headlines was for a different reason. Despite Canadians being asked to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID 19, Zuberi travelled to Delaware with his family.

Zuberi made his mea culpa on social media noting that “my family and I travelled to see my wife’s ailing grandfather whose health has markedly deteriorated. I recognize that travel during this period, when so many are limiting interactions with loved ones, was an error in judgement.”

Zuberi noted that as a result for being caught leaving the country, he would be stepping down from the various committees he sat on, including standing committees for justice and human rights and foreign affairs and international development. Liberal Whip Mark Holland had removed Zuberi from the committees. The MP stated that he would be adhering to the 14 day quarantine.

Responses to his claim were varied. Some social media users said that “I couldn’t see my cousins at Christmas and they live in Pointe-Claire.What makes you think you can cross borders? Get outta here.”

“Can’t see my aging parents for Christmas, in the same town, but our politicians do as they please. Not here for the people, just in it for themselves. Double standards and all about control.”

“Resign! You’re supposed to lead by example, not use your position to be an exception to the rule.”

Some responses were more understanding with one poster writing, “I totally agree that you travelled for such reasons! You respected the health guidelines and quarantine. It’s not like you went on holidays.”and “I appreciate your remark and your admission to truth.”

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