Lakeshore General Hospital shines during COVID 19

Plaza Pointe Claire prides itself on being the family shopping centre. Meeting all West Islanders’ needs with specialized and personal service. The Plaza wanted to recognize the Lakeshore General Hospital for its care and service to the West Island community during the Covid crisis.

Through the last five months, the Lakeshore General Hospital has dealt with a coronavirus outbreak, re-adapting as a COVID-19 hospital, and out of date PPEs, two outbreaks that affected patients and staff as well as a sit-in over nurse staffing.

But through it all, the 1960s-era hospital has rolled with the punches, learning from the coronavirus and adjusting staff and services to best care for patients, many of whom come from all over the West and Off Island.

When the first COVID-19 outbreak occurred at the end of April on the fourth floor, followed a few weeks later with another on the third floor, the hospital learned from the outbreaks and modified protocols, preventing any further coronavirus spreads to date.

The teamwork from staff, nurses and doctors helped basically transform the hospital into a COVID-19 receiving hospital after getting the call from the Ministry of Health, early in the quarantine.

With more than 100 employees catching the virus as well during the two outbreaks, the hospital increased the size of its nursing stations, allowing for the staff to be able to care for patients and eat with their loved ones while remaining physically distanced.

Four patients room were converted into single patient rooms while constant cleaning and disinfecting is the new normal for the hospital, trying to stay one step ahead of the contagious coronavirus.

Other areas of the hospital have installed plexiglass to separate patients, especially those whose current health , dialysis patients, could be compromised by the virus.

With all of the new tools and protocols in place, “we will be even more prepared for a second wave,” said Dr. Bernard Cyr, director of professional services.

Many West Island residents and small businesses have shown their appreciation for the tireless work being done by the entire staff of the LGH as many have offered meals, drinks, masks and PPEs to the staff throughout the quarantine as a way of thanking them for allowing others to stay home safely while the staff, doctors and nurses at the LGH reported for duty days in and day out.

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