JAC draws a crowd at virtual Open House

“The pandemic is changing things in so many ways, but it’s also providing opportunities for us to find new ways, more accessible ways of maintaining long-standing traditions such as Open House at John Abbott,” said John Halpin.

The Director general of the West Island cegep was referring to JAC’s successful virtual Open House that was held recently.

“Online seems to be the ‘new line’ for prospective students at John Abbott College if the number of virtual visits to the Winter Open House held January 27 is any indication,” said Communications & Media Relations Officer Debbie Cribb.

Held on February 3rd, there were “12,000 unique page views” on the cegep’s site, a huge increase over the nearly 9,000 unique visitors at the Fall Open House that was also held on-line due to pandemic hygienic standards. In pre-Covid times, the Fall Open house was usually the highest attended event for potential students.

“Throughout the 2-hour session last week, five hundred visitors dropped in to Zoom chat rooms to speak with College Faculty and Staff enquiring on all types of topics from program admission requirements to grade worries to where a program can take you in the future and much much more,” said Cribb.

“Future students and their parents can visit our CEGEP like never before, until it’s safe to walk the halls in person,” Halpin said.

Including continuing education students, there are almost 9,000 students at John Abbott College.

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