COVID 19 doesn’t stop Chanukah at The Gutnick Mazal Jewish Center

Rabbi Sholom Davidsohn, Youth Director of the Mazal Chabad  Gutnick Mazal Jewish Center in DDO, lights the Menorah candle at the temple's Drive In Chanukah.

The Gutnick Mazal Jewish Center in Dollard-des-Ormeaux was not going to miss a chance to celebrate Chanukah with its congregation despite the limitations of indoor gatherings due to COVID 19.

“At Mazal Chabad our goal is to include everyone, all ages, young and old and as we are a non profit organization, I wanted to maximize all that we can do at no cost to the community especially since Chanukah is a time to add in goodness & kindness,” Rabbi Sholom Davidsohn, Youth Director of Mazal Chabad told The Suburban.

As a way to share the festivities of Chanukah, on the first night of the celebration “we had daily Menorah lightings over zoom and facebook Live, with over 1700 viewers throughout Chanukah. This gave the opportunity for all to light their own Menorahs at the same time from the safety and comfort of their home.

“Every night a different family led us in lighting the Menorah live from their home, we heard words of daily inspiration from Rabbi Yarmush Rabbi, the spiritual leader of the Gutnick Mazal Jewish center, as well as something different added each night for entertainment,” said Rabbi Davidsohn.

Perhaps the most original Menorah lighting ceremony in a while came in the form of a “ Car Menorah Parade with over 30 people participating in driving the streets of DDO with Menorahs on top of their cars with Chanukah music playing and sharing the light,” said the rabbi.

“The biggest event was our astonishingly successful Chanukah Drive-In event that took place on Sunday, the 4th night of Chanukah. We had over 50 cars join with social (car) distancing. From the safety of their cars, more than 150 delighted people enjoyed a Giant Menorah Lighting,” said Rabbi Davidsohn.

The event included “a grand fire show, music, an interactive car game, individually packaged yummy latkas and donuts and all the children received Chanukah packages with treats and gifts inside.

“As the Torah explains: even one good deed pushes away a lot of darkness,” Rabbi Davidsohn said.

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