Adapting to the the pandemic not an easy task for restaurant and bar owners

Necessity the mother of invention,” said Cunninghams Pub co-owner Jim Beauchamp, who had an app created so that clients could order food for delivery or pick-up through Facebook.

“What took 15 years to build up came crashing down around us and so we went into treading water and solution mode as we became a brand new business again,” said Jim Beauchamp.

The co-owner of the very successful Cunninghams’ Pub in Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue told The Suburban how things changed since Covid caused the closing of the economy and the way traditional businesses like restaurants, pubs and bars operate in normal times.

“Like everyone who owned a business in early March, we were in disbelief,” Beauchamp said.

Learning how to adapt in this new scenario brought some innovative thinking like adapting to take out and even delivery, a first for the pub that had been serving clients for over 15 years.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Beauchamp, who had an app created so that clients could order food for delivery or pick-up through Facebook.

And besides adhering to physical distancing protocols since re-opening recently, staff wearing masks and frequent hand washing, Beauchamp took it up a notch by purchasing a paint sprayer with an industrial cleaning agent “that does not allow the virus to stay on any surface.

“We look like an F1 crew during the Grand Prix after clients leave as we prepare for the next customers,” Beauchamp said.

Beauchamp was also touched by the the community responded to the new delivery system. “We had some of our regular clients ordering from us twice a week and we cannot thank them enough.”

And besides offering area residents and regular customers a way to eat and support local businesses, Beauchamp partnered with local musician Jeff Smallwood who did 12 weeks of concerts via social media every Friday evening, raising almost $20,000 for area charities and food banks hit hard by the pandemic and subsequent quarantine.

Beauchamp is confident about the future and “maybe next year at this time, we will back to a sense of normalcy but we all need to be socially responsible.”

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